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Civil Process Division

Our Civil Process Division has numerous roles at our Office. Below is pertinent information regarding 

The Civil Process Division is located at the Roberts County Sheriff’s office at 11924 BIA HWY 700 Sisseton SD 57262.The phone number is (605) 698-7667 Ext.5

The Robert’s County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division has the responsibility of serving and executing court-issued documents. Among the most common documents served by the Sheriff’s Office include Writs of Possession, Writs of Execution, Distress Warrants, Summons and Complaints, Protection Orders and subpoenas for criminal and civil cases. We also serve other legal documents as received from the Courts, attorneys and private citizens.


The Civil Division will accept papers via our email or by mail.

Returns and billing will be sent back by mail unless otherwise requested.

Civil Process Fees

Garnishment = $50.00

Mileage Deposit = $12.00

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