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We are currently accepting applications to establish an eligibility list for future potential deputy sheriff openings.


General Information:


*** The 2024 starting wage is $24.46 per hour for certified South Dakota law enforcement officers. Starting wage for uncertified individuals is to be determined upon a final job offer. Roberts County will pay costs for training. Uncertified applicants may be subject to an employment contract. ***


The Roberts County Sheriff’s Office invites applications for a school resource deputy sheriff position. This individual will provide law enforcement services to maintain law and order throughout Roberts County and schools within Roberts County.


Responsibilities include investigating illegal or suspicious activities, completing and maintaining accurate records and reports, patrolling and engaging in Roberts County.


Along with a benefits package, 10 and 12-hour shifts, 1-2 weekends off per month.


The Roberts County Sheriff’s Office offers:


Strong community support, state of the art equipment, ongoing training opportunities, family-like culture and a take home patrol vehicle for those that live in Roberts County.


Certified applicants will be given preference in the selection process. If certified their law enforcement certification must be submitted with the application. Upon the position closing, those that meet the qualifications will be contacted to schedule an interview.


If there is not a certified applicant that meets the Sheriff’s criteria and qualifications, then un-certified applicants that meet the minimum qualifications of the position will be considered and will be contacted to interview.


Examples of Duties Include:

  • Conduct vehicular patrol within the county perimeters, respond to calls for service, investigate the scenes of accidents and make reports appropriately.

  • Conduct patrols in and around schools and respond to calls for service inside schools.

  • Perform security checks of the perimeter and checks of the buildings and grounds. Patrol assigned area to enforce laws, issue citations for traffic violations, investigate crimes, collect evidence, conduct interviews, and arrests violators. Investigate illegal or suspicious activities of persons, quell disturbances and arrest law violators. Coordinate investigations with other agencies.

  • Assume control at traffic accidents to maintain traffic flow, assist accident victims and investigate causes of accidents.

  • Conduct area security checks with business, schools, and residences within the county.

  • Load, unload, aim and fire approved department firearms and meet qualification standards.

  • Prepare and serve warrants, subpoenas, summonses, etc. Confirm warrants. Locate and take persons into custody on arrest warrants.

  • Monitor communication channels, monitor dispatch calls, provide notification of accidents and emergencies, supervise response to emergency situations.

  • Respond to questions, complaints and requests for information/assistance from the public, media, legal and medical staff, various agencies, etc., administer first aid and CPR, maintain weapons, vehicle, and equipment. Maintain and monitor the security of keys and equipment.

  • Provide protection to the courts and court officials, employees, witnesses, jurors, defendants, and the general public. Attend hearings and court proceedings as necessary.

  • Complete case reports of every action taken on the job, ensure all activity is properly documented.

  • Conduct follow up investigations in order to complete case reports for processing of case closure or further prosecution.

  • Assist new deputies with learning training and procedure protocols, keep current on changing protocols for the department.

  • Engage with the community through participation in community events.


Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred: Current South Dakota or out-of-state law enforcement certification. Two years of college (Associate's degree) or vocational school in criminal justice, or a closely related field; or two years of work experience as a certified law enforcement officer; or two years of active, full-time military experience; or four years of military reserve experience; or four years of relevant work experience.


Required: 21 years of age and a high school diploma or equivalent.


*** To be considered, candidates must submit proof of law enforcement certification (if applicable), cover letter, resume, and employment application. ***

Applications and required materials are to be submitted to Deputy Trevor Mishler (

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